A light sea breeze, a blue sky, more blue and crystal transparent sea, and catamaran, moored in a picturesque bay. And a society of close friends, given up to a luxury rest. Isn’t it a dream of every of us?

No matter of yacht type, navigation at sea is a different way of life. It gives different sentiments, in connection to everybody’s needs – from silence, calmness, and relaxation to adventure, dynamic and fun experience (see here)

To navigate in the sea and to visit exotic places- You just dream of it all the time. Everything is surrounded by romantic, beautiful landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. Feeling of freedom is endless. You can feel sea energy in waves’ contact only. A yacht property is an investment, which combines senses for feeling of calmness and adventure.

Yacht gives freedom. Yacht makes dreams come true. Yacht is a way of life.


Question is absolutely right, the more that is connected to a significant еxpenses. It is always right to start with a yacht charter. This gives the most true and fast result of navigation for an individual, family, or friend’s society. A decision should be made after such experience.

The main difference between charter and own yacht is their duration. In case of charter, Your year is splited into two- before charter, which is normally one week, and after that. Moreover, a charter must be planned and booked several months in advance, which is definitely an inconvenience.

When You have your own yacht, there are no such limits – You navigate multiple times during season. The journey could be longer or shorter time. The duration will depend only on you. You choose when to go on a boat, to get away from the reality of the dynamic life to indulge in a relaxing experience and to re-create what you want to see and feel. The season for sailing in Greece and Turkey is at least seven months – from early April till the end of October.
And no longer divide the year into two.
You just have multiple navigations at sea, without any limits. And Your time at home passes in planning and dreaming for the next sailing.

The best time is a leisure time! That is a real Life Style at sea!