AVENTURA catamarans are being manufactured by French boutique company STGi , which started its activity in year 2000 in La Rochelle, France. Quality, innovation design, and reliability definitely paved a way of this new brand, and it soon gains its first customers. Mass production of a boutique company is not a priority, but keeping and improving its competitiveness is always a warranty for delighted and smiling clients. This aim lead the company off to Tunisia, where company established a modern production facilities.

Up to date technological equipment, and presence of international staff, both guarantee high quality combined with competitive prices. That is highly welcomed by delighted customers of STGi, and  it is an already well known boutique company today.It manufactures  catamarans under request and custom design, according to requirements of an individual, reflecting his own style and preferences. The boutique size of STGi allows not to add excessive overhead expenses in catamaran’s prices, which is inherent to big companies.

Complete architecture and design of power catamarans AVENTURA had been done by LASTA DESIGN STUDIO, France, owned and managed by Mr. Samer Lasta. He is a naval architect, and designer, having significant experience and amazing results in yacht design. As per overall opinion, “Brilliant by Design” is not a slogan only, but reverberates in a most exact and compressed way the result of AVENTURA power catamarans design, done by LASTA Design Studio.

Company STGi selected carefully an optimized line of sail and power catamarans, thanks to its experienced and carefully established staff, mainly consisting of French specialists. Manufacturing process in Tunisia gives another big advantage. Severe situation of African shore, continuously changing meteorological conditions, very rough sea with high waves put a firm requirement significantly to improve seaworthiness of AVENTURA catamarans. Sea tests become more and more challenging, which leads to extraordinary improvement of hull manufacturing and its behavior in severe sea conditions.